Indigestible is a 2D Platformer about a corn kernel (named Cornelius) who's trying to make their way through someone's digestive system. There are three levels total:

  1. The mouth / esophagus: Watch out for those teeth!
  2. The stomach: Beware of the acid down below!
  3. The small / large intestines: This one is just a casual stroll, since I didn't have time to add the villi (...villains?)

Will you be able to make it through? 

NOTE: Please don't have the volume on too loud. I didn't have time to adjust the audio levels or really add enemies...but oh well! (=ಠ ل ಠ=)  Best of luck on your journey!


  • Left and Right Arrows = Movement
  • Space Bar = Infinite Jumps (...think Flappy Bird!)
  • "R" Key = Restart (or refresh the page if you get the music overlapping)
  • "Esc" Key = Exit Game


  • Art & Design: Juan Morales-Rocha (Twitter)
  • Music: 
  • ...and a special thanks to Peter of Slyddar Studios! I was using his YouTube tutorials to make this game and ended up running into a game-breaking bug. I sent him a message figuring that he wouldn't respond in time for me to submit my game to the jam. However, not only did he reply, but he took the time to look at my project and was able to fix it! Thank you Peter! 

"Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life." - Oscar Wilde

The inspiration...

Thank you to the elote-man for the providing me with sustenance during the game jam!

(PS: Special shoutout to The Magic School Bus episode on the digestive tract for giving me some good reference and knowledge!)


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Me encanta! Jajajajajaja Clasico que vas a cagar y ves el elote ahi flotando en medio de la caca, jajajajajajajajajaja Genial!

¡Jajaja, muchas gracias! :-)